Physical activity is an essential ingredient to quality learning. Yoga is the perfect tool for interactive learning for the child, incorporating mind, body and heart.


The Yoga ABC's with Alvin, Beatrice and Conner will provide the young learner with insights into the yoga poses. Each letter of the alphabet is matched with a fun yoga pose demonstrated by either Alvin, Beatrice or Conner.


Children who learn their ABC's with this book will gain -- beyond a tool for reading -- a variety of fun yoga poses to make their bodies flexible, strong, focused and stress-free. Come join in the fun!



What is being said about The Yoga ABC's...


"Children love an interactive element, and the combination of the alphabet and yoga makes this wonderful book ideal for a classroom or a home activity."

 -- BookWire Review

"I recommend The Yoga ABC's for slow readers, as well as preschoolers. The pictures and  yoga positions will help them when they are trying to sound out a word. Kinetics are recommended for all teachers, so as to reach all learners. What is more perfect than The Yoga ABC’s?"

-- Jenny Gaff, Reading Specialist & 1st Grade Teacher
Vohr Elementary School, Gary, Indiana

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